Re-signing Gidley is number one priority

Despite all the rumours linking Kade Snowden and Jamal Idris to the Knights, it is captain Kurt Gidley that is the priority signing for the Knights heading into the future.

“It won’t be a problem. Whatever needs to get done, will get done,” Knights coach Rick Stone said yesterday.

With Gidley off-contract at the end of the year, the Knights captain was never going to leave the club, and he is eager to re-sign with them.

For Stone, he says that regardless of what happens in the cases of Snowden and Idris, that Gidley is here to stay, and he sees the captain as a crucial part of the team.

“Without question, Kurt is the most important player at this club,” Stone said.

“He is probably more important to us than any other player is to any other club.

“We are a long way down the track with him and it will hopefully get done in the near future.”

George Mimis, Gidley’s manager has a meeting scheduled with strategic manager at the Knights, Keith Onslow.

“Kurt’s the cornerstone of their club on and off the field, so I can’t see what’s happening up there impacting on that,” Mimis said yesterday.

With Gidley expected to sign a 4-year deal or thereabouts, he has brought up the possibility of following the footsteps of Knights legends Danny Buderus and Andrew Johns, and playing in the ESL, once his future contract is up.

“That may happen. I’ve seen my brother and Bedsy and Joey [Danny Buderus and Andrew Johns] play over there and thought it might be something I’d like to do down the track,” Gidley said.

“But that’s a fair way off at this stage to be even thinking too much about it.”

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