Carney fined $10000 for drink driving

After being warned that this is his last chance, and that his NRL career is now on the line, Roosters five-eighth Todd Carney has been fined $10,000 for his previous DUI.

Carney met with NRL Chief Executive David Gallop and it was settled upon that Carney would be required to pay the Roosters the $10,000, and a five-point plan has also been devised by Gallop and the NRL aimed to improve Carney’s off-field behaviour.

The plan includes counseling, a traffic offenders course, constant work with alcohol support groups and tertiary education.

It was a low-range driving offence committed by Carney on Saturday night that resulted in all this, all of which happened whilst Carney was on his provisional licence.

Whilst Gallop acknowledged in a statement that the incident happened the night after when Carney thought all was fine, he warned Carney that another off-field incident would result in another de-registration from the NRL.

“In this instance there is an advertent rather than deliberate element to his actions last Saturday morning but, nevertheless, Todd placed his safety and the safety of others at risk,” Gallop said.

“The courts will take their own view on that matter, but there’s also no escaping the poor record that Todd must deal with during his time in the game.

“Todd has to understand that the next suspension he faces for off-field misconduct and in particular alcohol abuse will go far beyond one or two matches, both for his benefit and the benefit of the game.

“It is now very much up to Todd to determine whether this is a stumble along the way or a complete loss of direction.

“If it is the latter then he has to understand that there is simply no place in the game for him.”

Roosters Welfare and Education Manager Brian Sinclair has been put in charge of overseeing Carney’s program, and all developments and incidents, have to be reported back to the NRL.

“Failure of Todd to meet any aspect of the plan will be considered a serious breach of his contract which may lead to its termination,” warned Noyce.

“Todd understands that he has made a mistake and has worked in consultation with the club to create a plan that includes his own personal development.

“He is aware of the ramifications of not completing this program and it is now up to him to put these words into action.”

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