Back-row ambition for Tahu

In a move that has even the most passionate Panthers and NRL fans stumped, the Penrith Panthers have revealed their audacious plan to blood possible new recruit Timana Tahu in the second row.

The previous issue that triggered a chain of events, the supposed black c*** comments are still yet to be resolved, yet the Panthers are still keen to sign the troubled centre.

With a return to the NRL likely however, the NRL has had to step in and resolve the issue, with former Eels halfback Dennis Moran, now a welfare officer with the Country Rugby League (CRL), stepping in, and Tahu has agreed to a meeting with Caleb Binge.

Binge is the young player in the centre of the racial slur made by Tahu, and the meeting is set to take place in Brisbane on Wednesday.

To complicate matters however, Tahu wants a third-party sponsorship deal to come his way, before he signs with the club.

“I guess that is one of the options available to us if we sign him,” Elliott said.

“He has played most of his career as an outside back, but I think he has the potential to become a player in the Luke Lewis mode.

“It is one of the options available to us, but we need to secure his services before we start talking about where he will play.

“I see him primarily as an outside back but I certainly think we could use him a bit closer in.”

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