Souths fine $15,000 for 14th man on the field

In a statement made by the NRL, they have fined the South Sydney Rabbitohs $15,000 for having 14 men on the field for about 20 seconds during their Friday night clash with the Sydney Roosters.

In the NRL guidelines, it states that teams have to remain consciously aware of their players, and the substitutions that are made, and that they alone are responsible for the number of players on the field.

Following a review that was conducted of the Friday night clash, the Rabbitohs made two interchanges, and they thought they were a man short on the field, hence Shannon McPherson entered the game.

It took four tackles, or a time of 1 minute, to realise that Souths had 14 players on the field, rather than the allowed 13, resulting in Roy Asotasi having to leave the field.

“It is a clear responsibility of the clubs to ensure that they have the correct number of players on the field at any time,” NRL Director of Football Operations, Mr Nathan McGuirk, said today.

“Because it is such a fundamental part of the game the NRL has put clubs on notice that breaches of the replacement rules will incur a significant penalty.

“The incident should serve as a reminder to all clubs of the importance of ensuring the interchange rules are adhered to no matter how urgent a situation may appear on the field.

“Penalties can range from fines to the loss of competition points.”

The Bunnies have five days to respond to the notice, before the fine is made official, and imposed.

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