New brigade on fire as Dogs beat Tigers

Everyone’s eye was on Benji Marshall, and how he would bounce back from a rather tumultuous week, but it was the Bulldogs who stole the show, in particular, new recruit Frank Pritchard, as the Dogs beat the Tigers 24-14 at ANZ Stadium.

Pritchard was like a bulldozer, running over everything in his path, highlighted by a rampaging run, that led to the try that put the Dogs 12-8 in front.

The crowd at the game, which stood at 26,737, broke the NRL record for the biggest crowd attendance in a single round of the NRL ever.

Kris Keating and Trent Hodkinson were also standouts for the Bulldogs, both laying on tries, and seeming to gel much quicker than many may have previously thought.

Still though, there are doubters, who believe that perhaps the key now is consistency, rather than lacklustre play.

The games first points were not scored until around the half-hour mark, but it was worth the wait, with a huge run from Brett Morris, 95m to be exact, resulting in the first try.

It was not all celebrations for Morris however, as he suffered a suspected torn posterior medial ligament, an injury which may seem him sidelined for about a month, and possibly, even 6 weeks.

“It feels alright, I could have stayed on there,” said Morris, who is facing a month on the sidelines if scans detect a tear.

“We’ve got to get scans tomorrow so I’m not sure yet, it feels alright so hopefully we get some positive news.”

The Bulldogs, who seemed to gel well together despite it being their first game, will look to continue doing so, as the season wears on.

“I’m not surprised (by how well we gelled),” Idris said.

“(We’re) like a bunch of brothers playing out there, we need to bust our arses for each other, and it showed on the field.

Sheens said that his outfit were not at their best, and described both Marshall and Lui as being hot and cold in the first round clash.

“He’d be disappointed in a few of the things he did,” Sheens said.

“Second half he tried too hard but the focus isn’t on Benji particularly.

“Between the seven (Lui) and the six we could be better, we need to be.”

3 Frank Pritchard
2 Kris Keating
1 Trent Hodkinson

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