Inglis irritated with himself for form slump after 2 rounds

After having two performances that can really, only be described as dismal, Souths centre Greg Inglis has vowed to rectify that, and come out all guns blazing in the Bunnies next few clashes, after admitting his displeasure with his current form.

Inglis, who was blunt about his sentiments on his form, admitted he put in a poor performance against the Bulldogs on Sunday afternoon, conceding that Bulldogs centre and counterpart Jamal Idris “finished over me”.

Inglis has vowed to turn his fortunes around however, and says that he is ready to deliver on the promises that he gave to Souths fans.

“Obviously it’s disappointing how it has started here, but I’ll bounce back, hopefully sooner rather than later,” Inglis said.

“I’m looking forward to Friday night.”

Inglis comes down on himself quite hard after a poor performance, and he admits that Idris outplayed him on the day.

“He definitely finished over me. I wasn’t up to standard, to my individual standards how I play the game.

“For Jamal to play that good I was definitely doing something wrong there.

“I know myself that I didn’t measure up. I should have made that tackle on Jamal, but I didn’t so that ended up to Rhysy Wesser going off for 10 minutes and them scoring after that. So I think it’s just about going back and looking at individual preparations.”

The reason for Inglis’s poor form so far, is that he may have come into the NRL season underdone, having missed the Bunnies first two trial games, following off-season shoulder surgery.

Despite this however, and despite having only trained with the squad for the last 3 weeks, Inglis is not using this as an excuse, and wants to build the chemistry on the left-hand side between he, David Taylor and John Sutton.

“That just comes back to myself,” he said

“I’ve got to take more ownership of my performance, [by] doing the little extras and just working around the blokes that are inside me.

“Dave and Sutts had last season together, where I’ve just had two weeks playing with them. But at the end of the day I’ve just got to work out how Dave and Sutts work.

“They’re the main blokes who are going to be around me throughout the year.”

On Sutton, he has faced his own scrutiny over the years, and already this year, as he faces a season that could well and truly make, or break his NRL career.

Rather than focusing on his own form however, Sutton remains adamant that Inglis can reverse his fortunes, and play some stellar footy for the Bunnies.

“He had a funny pre-season … he didn’t get too much training done, but he’s a class player,” Sutton said.

“I’ve only played two games of footy with him, so that’s only going to get better. I’m really looking forward to building a good combination with Dave [Taylor] and GI so hopefully this week we can really have a good game.”

Inglis is fast becoming known for his somewhat slow and stilted starts to the season, but he is determined to turn it around, starting this Friday night against the Eels.

“I just want to at least one year start off on a good wicket and keep it throughout the season,” he said.

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