Orford faces the axe if form continues to dip

In what will be an agonising decision for Raiders coach David Furner, he has to decide as to whether or not he will select Matt Orford in the starting line-up, or send him to Souths Logan to find form.

What is perhaps a sticking point however, is that if Orford is given the slip, it will no doubt spell the end of his NRL career, as Ox is now 32 years old.

“There are some things in his game he obviously needs to work on,” Furner said yesterday.

“I will go through the footage with him. I’ve got to be clear. It’s a real tough one. I want to be sure.”

The Channel 9 Footy Show weighed in on the debate, with Peter Sterling saying on the matter, the following:

“I will be shocked if he is there next week and that is with all respect because I love him as a player, he’s a premiership winner. But you can’t find form in first grade.

“Especially with a young bloke like Sam Williams, they won by 40 in Toyota Cup. I just think David Furner has to make a tough decision.”

Should Orford be dropped, he will be playing in the QLD Cup for Souths Logan, and it will be a huge fall from grace for Orford, after he won the Dally M Award in 2008.

Matthew Johns, a new member of Triple M’s Grill Team also had his say, when he said:

“No one likes criticism but some are more acutely aware than others and Matt Orford is very sensitive to criticism,” Johns said.

“He’s getting a hell of a lot at the moment, he’s got a young guy right up his backside. I think David Furner will be giving him another week.

“They will give him one more week I believe.

“I would say [Furner] has a real tough decision, the toughest of his career.

“[Orford’s] entered the season underdone, there’s no doubt about that. They have got to give him another week because, believe you me, if they drop him it’s all over.”

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