Osborne denies Gower rumours

After first being linked to Gower several months ago, rumours have emerged that the Eels were planning a move for Gower again, but these have been dismissed by Eels CEO Paul Osborne.

With the rumours persisting, Osborne said that the Eels have no interest whatsoever in even trying to sign, let alone approach Gower about playing for the club.

Whilst they were contacted when Gower made it known that he wanted a return to the NRL, the Eels bluntly said that they were not wanting to go down that path.

“No, no. Haven’t spoken to his manager, haven’t spoken to him,” Osborne told AAP.

“I think he was briefly discussed for about three seconds when they said he was here, but no.”

Osborne also said that he is currently pleased with the halves and hookers that the Eels have at their disposal.

“No plans to make any changes,” said the Eels CEO.

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