Idris will take his time to mull over final decision

Despite the persistent rumours going around the NRL, Bulldogs centre Jamal Idris insists that he is in no sort of hurry to make a decision on his future.

With the Titans and the Knights battling to secure his services, as well as the Bulldogs doing all they can to keep him, Idris is hot-property on the market, and where he goes remains to be seen.

“Personally there’s no timeline for me,” Idris said.

“It’s a big decision in my life involving my whole family, it’s a big decision in my career so I’ve got to take my time to make that decision.

“It’s not just where I can click my fingers and know what I’m doing.”

“No one’s putting pressure on me and that’s credit to all the clubs as well, that’s good on them,” Idris said.

“They understand that it’s a big decision in my life and I’m turning 21 in July, this could decide me for a few more years after this.

“I’m lucky I’m the kind of bloke that doesn’t get fazed by much so I just tend to think about the game coming up.

Idris, who was mobbed by a bunch of school kids upon the completion of training, says that even that will not rush him into making a decision about his future.

“It’s good to have fans like that, I think they make the game and I hope there’s fans like that all over Australia, which I think there is,” he said.

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