Cowboys hold off fast-finishing Raiders

It has taken them almost 2 years to do so, but the Cowboys have finally recorded back-to-back wins in the NRL, after they recorded a 26-18 win over the Canberra Raiders at Dairy Farmers Stadium tonight.

Despite a spirited second-half flurry from the Raiders, it was not enough to overpower the Cowboys, who have set themselves up well for the remainder of the season.

There was a bit of friendly fire for the Raiders, after Blake Ferguson collided with team-mate Joel Thompson, who was left rather groggy, and was force to leave the field.

Ferguson managed to pull a try back to give the Raiders a sniff, but he soon turned villain, as he failed to pay attention where he was playing the ball, before the Cowboys scored through Jonathon Thurston.

Sam Williams was once again a stand-out for the Raiders with the young half involved in all of their tries, though he too, had a bit of a brain snap, as he was sent to the sin-bin for a professional foul on Kalifi Fai Fai Loa.

Cowboys coach Neil Henry praised his captain Jonathon Thurston for some crucial plays, though he admitted that it was somewhat fortuitous that the Cowboys scored off a botched Ferguson play-the-ball.

“I don’t know,” was Henry’s initial response when questioned about the video referees’ verdict.

“He kicked it … he tried to pick it up but kicked it with his foot and play on.

“There are a few decisions like that, benefit of the doubt tries, where it’s not conclusive which way it goes. I suppose it goes with the attacking team.”

For Raiders captain David Shillington, it was a game-breaking moment, and only rubbed salt into the wounds for the Canberra side.

“I definitely thought knock-on,” Shillington said.

“I thought our player was trying to get to the play of the ball and he was held down, so that is a penalty straight away.”

3 Jonathon Thurston

2 Glenn Hall

1 Sam Williams

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