Douglas tears up at the thought of having to leave the Sharks

He is heading to the region that he grew up in, and he is happy in that sense. Despite the move however, Luke Douglas is distraught at the fact that he is leaving the Sharks, in what he describes as ‘leaving family’.

One of the toughest men in League, having played a record number of consecutive games, Douglas just could not hold back the tears, as he told team-mates of his decision, and how hard it was to do so.

It was on Wednesday afternoon when it emerged that Douglas had signed a 3-year deal with the Gold Coast Titans, in a move to be closer to his family.

I love Cronulla. It was such a hard decision,” Douglas told The Daily Telegraph.

“The Sharks have been so good to me. They have supported me since I was little. The hardest part was that it leaked out. It’s not how I wanted the news to break. I wanted to tell everyone first.

“It was a day off and I wanted to come in and tell Shane, Darren Mooney and ‘Gal’ personally.

“I pulled over to the side of the road and went into damage control and tried to call everyone.

“I started to get emotional when I spoke to ‘Flano’. And telling ‘Gal’ was hard too but he understood. He told me I should do what is best for me.

“I told them I would still put in every week. I guess in the end it was a decision for me.”

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