Myles has no intention to dog his mates

Despite much speculation of a move to the Titans, Roosters second-rower Nate Myles has cleared the air, and stated that he will honour the remaining 18 months on his deal with the Roosters.

After being spotted a few weeks back in what was described as a secret meeting, with Titans CEO Michael Searle, Myles has pledged allegiance to the Roosters.

Whilst Myles is a big fan of the Sunshine Coast area, and a big target for the Gold Coast Titans who have already gone on a spending spree, for the time being, Myles has ruled out a return to the Gold Coast.

“I’m contracted until the end of next year with the Roosters and my focus right now is to perform and play well for the boys,” he said.

“I love all the boys at the club, they’re the reason why I re-signed last time.

“I’ve got enough to worry about here at the moment without getting caught up in what might be happening a fair way down the road.

“The Roosters and my own form are my biggest concern. I don’t rate my form at all.

“That’s harsh, but I expect more of myself. The last two games I’ve improved, but I’m looking to contribute a fair bit more.”

After having to deal with some rather tough press and field questions from the media regarding the Anthony Watts and Todd Carney incidents, the Roosters are remaining level-headed, and just want to go out there, and play footy.

“We did get together and speak. A lot of the boys are really trying their hardest on and off the field and it just seems to be the one or two slip-ups from the repeat offenders that drag that down,” Myles said.

“We worked hard last year on getting a good culture at the Roosters and we want to keep that going. We know what needs to be done.”

Myles remained cool on the subject of Carney, and he was careful in what he had to say.

“I’ve had a couple of yarns to him. He came around the other day and we had a good chat and I had another long chat with him [Friday] night on the phone,” Myles said.

“I only want to see him back on the field if he’s fit and healthy in all departments.”

With many on the Roosters back after some poor performances the last few weeks, winning the ANZAC clash against the reigning premiers, would be a great way to do so.

“We don’t hate the Dragons, but we owe a good performance against them,” Myles said.

Anzac Day is an amazing day. It takes your breath away. It really is a great occasion and one of the true highlights of the year.”

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