5 clubs fined for cap breaches with Wests Tigers hit the hardest

It happens every year, and it generally comes in small amounts, but for the year 2010, five NRL clubs were fined for breaching the NRL salary cap for different reasons.

Wests Tigers have been hit the hardest, with the club being slapped with a $187,000 fine after they claimed a player fell into the long-serving allowance, when they were advised not to go down that path.

In lieu of this, the Tigers denied that they had breached the cap, and issued the following statement stating their full support for the cap, and it what it represents in the NRL.

“Wests Tigers have always supported the NRL salary-cap principles and rules,” a club statement read.

“In relation to our 2010 position, however, we strongly disagree with the findings of the salary-cap audit.”

Gold Coast, St George, Canberra and Parramatta, were all fined in relation to the use of second-tier players, amongst other things including education grants, accommodation and termination payments.

The Titans were fined $76,380, the Eels were fined $44,988, the Raiders $31,657 and the Dragons $16,594.

David Gallop had the following to say in regards to the breaches.

“The compliance across the vast majority of clubs has been encouraging but the penalties are a reminder that the salary cap will be enforced,” he said in a statement.

“Six clubs were breached last year, most notably the Storm. It is pleasing to see the number down this year but the warning bells for anyone looking to break the rules could not be any louder.

“For the most part we are seeing a genuine wish to comply with the rules from the clubs but this remains an area in which we are always conducting thorough investigations.”

All clubs have until May 20 to make their submissions to the NRL, before penalties are imposed upon them.

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