O’Sullivan not yet in the clear

He was a part of the Storm’s cap rort, yet the NRL are surprised at the speed in which the Roosters have responded to the findings of the rort by the Storm, involving their recruitment officer, Peter O’Sullivan.

Mr David Gallop, the CEO of the NRL had the following to say in relation to the matter involving O’Sullivan:

“On legal advice there is no specific recommendation in relation to Peter O’Sullivan, just as we have not recommended the two former financial controllers be sacked by their current employers,” NRL Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop, said today.

“The findings in the report relate to activities at the Storm and each party is now under an employment contract with another party.

“However, in relation to Mr O’Sullivan, that should not be taken to be the end of the issue.

“The report discloses serious and persistent past misconduct on his part and it would seem that he had not informed the Roosters of that at the time they employed him.

“We expect the Roosters to discuss with the NRL this employee’s future once they have digested the report. The findings against him are serious and cannot be ignored.”

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