Stewart and Manly still after apology

Some think he should get an apology, whilst others do not – but according to Manly coach Des Hasler, Brett Stewart’s soul “has not been cleansed”.

The apology stems back to the 2009 season launch for Manly, whereby Stewart was suspended for four games, for abusing alcohol, before he was later charged with sexual assault, only be to be cleared in court.

Manly believe that their club has been unfairly punished, given the recent misdemeanours of Roosters 5/8 Todd Carney, and his lesser suspensions.

“While Brett has been vindicated at court level, in Brett’s mind and in his backyard, for want of being theatrical, his soul hasn’t been cleansed because the game hasn’t apologised to him,” Hasler said on Thursday.

“Until (there is an apology) … life will go on.”

Hasler was asked that very question, as to whether or not the feud would end between David Gallop and Manly, if an apology was received.

“I don’t know if it’s as simple as that.

“I can’t state it any clearer than what I’ve just said. That’s what (Brett’s) feeling. That’s where it is at the moment.

“That’s my view and it’s a fairly objective view.”

Stewart’s 100th try, scored on the weekend, brought about a rather unusual celebration – in which Stewart pretended to be galloping on a horse, believed to have a play on the surname of Gallop.

“(The celebration) was quite interesting,” Hasler added.

“I think, if it was a shot at Gallop, it was a very poor one. It looked like he was riding a motorbike more than anything.

“And I honestly think if he was going to give it to David, he would’ve had the whip out as well. I didn’t see the whip come out at any stage.”

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