Warriors win hands them five on the trot

It was their steely resolve, and their strong defence that had Warriors coach Ivan Cleary singing praises, after his side fought valiantly to win 12-6 against a determined South Sydney side.

Whilst they are generally more well-known for their attack then their defence, Cleary hopes that this performance is a sign that his side can play both attack and defence as well as the other.

“The best thing about today was our defence and this was the first time we’ve kept anyone to 10 points (this season),” Cleary said.

“If you can defend well then you’re always in with a chance to win any game.

“There’s no fluke, it (defence) has been reasonably good for most of the year, but we probably just haven’t put 80 minutes together.

“We’ve conceded tries out of nothing. The only one we conceded today was hard to stop.”

With the win placing the Warriors in sixth place, they can now rest easy, as they have the bye period coming up next week.

Despite the Bunnies not being able to produce the win, coach John Lang was not terribly disappointed overall, and praised his sides spirited effort in a hard-fought game.

“There have been games earlier in the season where I’ve been really disappointed with our effort, but I couldn’t be disappointed with our effort and commitment today,” Lang said.

“Six points is not enough to win many games but obviously a lot of that has got to do with the Warriors’ defence.

“It was just a really tough game, they started strong right from the opening minute and really didn’t relent.

“I was proud of the effort.”

Dally M Points

3 Brett Seymour

2 Lewis Brown

1 Chris Sandow

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