Ryles keen to play on for one more year

Having initially been tipped to retire at the end of this season, Jason Ryles has said that ideally, given that he feels good in both mind and body, that he would like to play on for another season.

Off-contract at the end of the 2011 season, but feeling good at the moment, Ryles will have around 6-8 weeks to show Roosters coach Brian Smith that he can handle another year at the club.

“I’m keen to at the moment,” Ryles said at a Roosters recovery session yesterday when asked if he wanted to play on.

” I’ve always had a bit of a deal with Smithy that if I’m feeling OK and he thinks I’m looking OK, then we can sit down and take a look at playing next year.”

Ryles will now sit down with Smith and Stephen Noyce, Roosters boss, as they discuss his future beyond this season.

“We said before I even signed here that the third year was a time when we’d look at our options,” Ryles said.

“We’ll wait and see what happens. The next 6-8 weeks I imagine something will happen and we’ll know either way.”

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