Talks begin to save their season

Their season has not gotten off to the best start, and now, captain Braith Anasta has said that the club has held ‘truth’ talks, as they seek to resurrect their season, before it is too late.

Whilst the Roosters did break their 5-game losing streak two weeks ago, it was a stark contrast to last week, a game that they lost, and looked out of sorts in every respect.

“We’ve had a good talk and nutted out a lot of stuff behind the scenes to make sure we’re all on the same page,” Anasta said on Tuesday.

“We know what we are capable of (and) that’s the most frustrating thing.

“We all know we are playing under our ability and know how much better we can play.”

For Anasta, he says that the club have to change their attitude, and it is the little things that they have to do right.

“It’s about doing everything possible, it’s all the little things,” he continued.

“It’s from what you do at training to your attitude, your discipline to wearing the right polo on the bus.

“It can be the smallest of things. This is the time you’ve got to have leadership from the senior players and the coach.

“You’ve got to cover all bases … We’ve dropped off a little in those little areas, we can definitely improve on that.

“You’ve got to be hungry. You can’t be satisfied with what you’ve achieved, particularly last season.”

Despite being in 13th position, and not playing their best footy, Anasta knows that if the team is going to start a run, it has to be now.

“It’s definitely difficult times but we’re confident we can get ourselves out of this situation,” he said.

“It’s just the confidence. We should be scoring a lot more tries(because) we’re creating the opportunities (but) we’re dropping our heads and going into our shells.

“It’s just not acceptable in first grade football. We want to make sure we turn it around as soon as possible.

“… We’re not looking ahead at the semi-finals.

“We were taking it week by week – I think we’ve got to take it day by day.”

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