Titans still focused on top 8 finish

As they languish at the bottom of the table, Titans coach John Cartwright refuses to concede that his sides season is over, and says that they believe they can still make the finals.

After stepping down as NSW assistant coach to focus working on getting the ailing Titans back up the ladder, he refuses to have people writing the Titans off.

“No way in the world am I looking towards next year, my focus is on the here and now,” Cartwright said, brushing off suggestions the Titans may start building towards next season.

“None of us ever intended to be in this situation but if anything I’m excited.

“I think it’s a challenge, we’ve not been here before but no way in the world have we given up.”

Historically and statistically, this is not the greatest season for the Titans, with their start to the season, their worst since their inauguration, winning just three games so far this season.

Despite that however, in a sign that shows how close the competition is, they sit just outside the 8, trailing the 8th placed Tigers by 4 points, as they prepare for their clash against an under-strength Dragons side.

“I don’t like talking about finals because we don’t deserve to be in the semis,” he said.

“But the fact is, when you look at the table anyone who can win four or five games in a row is going to be pushing up to the eight. We realise our pre-season goals haven’t been met, but we’ve got half a season still to finish as high as we possibly can.

“We’ve spoken about the fact that when we win that first game it won’t be pretty, because you don’t go from where we are to the very best in form overnight.”

For Cartwright, he cannot pinpoint any one particular downfall for the Titans, but he does say one thing.

The Titans side of 2011, is far different, from the Titans side 0f 2010.

“People are comparing us to last year but the fact is we’re a different side to last year,” he said.

“Mat Rogers retired and we’ve been without (Nathan) Friend, (Anthony) Laffranchi, (Brad) Meyers and (Kevin) Gordon for pretty much the whole year and on top of that we’ve had other injuries.

“We’ve had five different halves, four different five-eighths and five different fullbacks, so we just haven’t been able to get any momentum.”

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