Cowboys CEO caught drink-driving

It is generally an incident that we see happening to players, but this time, a CEO has been caught in the act, after Cowboys CEO Peter Jourdain was charged with drink driving, following a Cowboys win in Townsville, on May 14.

Jourdain admitted that he had indeed been drink driving, after police pulled him over for a random breath test, where the Cowboys CEO registered a blood alcohol level of 0.054.

“This matter is now before the courts and I intend to plead guilty to the charge of drink-driving,” he said in a statement.

“At the time, I did not think the amount of alcohol I had consumed would put me over 0.05 and I am extremely remorseful and embarrassed that this has occurred.

“I accept what I have done is wrong and I wish to apologise to the Cowboys’ board, sponsors, members, supporters, staff and players for my actions.

“I have learned a valuable lesson and vow not to put myself in this position again.”

Laurence Lancini, the Cowboys Chairman said:

“It is clear our CEO has made an error in judgment and I know he is extremely disappointed in himself and sorry for what has taken place.

“While any drink-driving charge is regrettable and drink-driving can never be condoned, it is important to note this was a reading which was just over the limit.

“Knowing Peter as I do, I am sure he will not put himself in this position again and he will have learned a lesson which will be reinforced to the rest of the Cowboys’ staff.”

It is an unfortunate coincidence that the Cowboys players’ leadership group took a stand on drinking alcohol this season.

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