Sims eyes trial return

It is an injury that is perhaps unexpected in the NRL, but it is one that Tariq Sims has now fully recovered from – with the Cowboys second-rower keen to run and play footy again – with the boom 21-year old keen to return for the Cowboys trial v the Titans in Mackay.

Sims made a name for himself in 2011 as one of the game’s most destructive second-rowers, before he suffered a fractured tibia and fibula in August, resulting in about 6 months recovery.

6 months on, and Sims is agonisingly close to a return to playing footy.

“It’s a little bit annoying at the moment,’’ 21-year-old Sims said.

“It’s at the point I’m allowed to run, but the club doesn’t want me to run. After six months of not running, you want to get out there and do something. But it’s not worth the risk.

‘‘If I crack it, then it’ll set me back another couple of months and that’s the last thing that I want.”

Despite the leg injury however, Sims has no plans to change his destructive running style.

“That sort of stuff doesn’t bother me,” Sims said.

“That’s just footy and unlucky things happen sometimes.

“But when I get back, my focus is 100 per cent on the Cowboys.

“I’ve still got to prove myself to the boys, work my way back into the team and retain my spot.

“There’s a lot of people gunning for my position.

‘‘It’s slow and steady at the moment, but when I get back into it I’ll be going 100 per cent.”

Sims himself knows that if he changes his running style because of the injury, the same impact that he had in 2011, will not be prevalent in 2012.

“As corny as it sounds, I work pretty hard and that goes for everybody at the club,” he said.

“Where we finished last season wasn’t a reflection of our season.

“We were in the top four for 13 or 14 weeks of the year, but then we got hit with player burnout, injuries and a few suspensions.

“It happens to every team, but it sort of hit us all at once and that cost us.”

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