Burgess warns against introducing a transfer window

He is one of the biggest imports the game of NRL has ever seen, and it when it comes to the transfer window, he has strong views on it – with Souths forward Sam Burgess saying that the introduction of a transfer window to the NRL, will force players to make decisions on their future hastily.

With many players and figures in the NRL world keen for a transfer window to be introduced, in order to limit mid-season signings like James Maloney to the Roosters and Beau Scott to the Knights already decided.

For Burgess however, he sees a transfer window as being a real problem for both players and clubs.

“I think if you drop in windows, it forces people into decisions in a quicker period of time, and when it pans out it might not be the best decision for him,” Burgess said at training yesterday.

“I think the system at the moment is quite good. It gives players more time to think about their decisions and weigh up their opportunities.

“I really don’t think it is a distraction. For me it’s not. I’m sure for Dave and the rest of the squad it’s not a distraction.

“We understand how the system works, that players have got to look out for themselves and their families. We know it is going to happen at some stage, just when we don’t know.

“We’ll take it as a positive now and try to make it a good year for Dave.”

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