Manly half held up at knife point in Shanghai but is safe

It is the sort of experience that very few people would want to go through, but for Manly half Liam Foran, he experienced just that – with the half held up at knife point, resulting in his being arrested and robbed.

Despite the ordeal, however, Foran emerged from the incident unscathed, with the back-up half having a nerve-wracking st

ory to tell about the incident.

It was Foran himself who informed the Manly club about the incident, after taking a wrong turn in Shanghai and subsequently, getting lost.

Despite the incident, however, a Manly spokesperson said that Foran has already put the incident behind him, saying that it was “no big deal”.

It is still unclear whether Foran was travelling alone, or whether he was with team-mates and friends.


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