Thailand RL board discuss plans and developments for the future

Rugby league in Thailand is slowly taking its course, with the first board meeting held outside Bangkok in the Thai city of Pattaya, last week.

With the ultimate goal to see rugby league flourishing and thriving in Thailand, the starting point is the TRL Domestic Competition in 2014, that will feature 6 teams.

“The meeting was a great success and we are very happy to be working together to bring the great game of Rugby League to the Kingdom.” said Shannon Crane, Chairman of TRL Thai Rugby League.

“We have established our Pattaya Office as part of this meeting and have formulated the steps required to ensure success when the TRL Domestic Competition kicks off in 2014.”

Plans are underway to not only see rugby league in Thailand progress through domestic competitions, but also via development of juniors and young kids getting involved.

One such plan is to commence two Schoolboy competitions in Pattaya next year, as well as other plans for a proper and meticulous identification and registration process for all Thai players in other areas.

With the fundamentals in place, Crane is confident that they are doing what they can to ensure not only the long-term longevity of rugby league in Thailand, but to ensure a long line of grassroots development in the country.

“We have assembled a very strong case for both the IRLF and the APRLC. We are looking forward to their support in the grassroots development of the game in the Kingdom and their sanction to provide clarity for players entertaining playing the game in the Kingdom.”


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