Eels sack Toyota Cup player for knocking out team-mate Reni Maitua

Reni Maitua

Usually, players are sacked by their respective clubs for incidents that happen involving players outside of footy – but for Toyota Cup player Shaun Anderson, he has been sacked for knocking out team-mate Reni Maitua, in an incident at Kings Cross.

The incident occurred outside the Tunnel nightclub in Kings Cross, resulting in a full investigation by the club – with Anderson sacked, and the club clearing Reni Maitua of any wrongdoing in this particular instance.

Anderson is the second young Eels player to be sacked in a matter of weeks, after Jamil Hopoate, the younger brother of Eels 2014-bound back Will Hopoate, was sacked for disciplinary reasons.

In light of the incident, Eels CEO Ken Edwards said that the club will continue to take a hard stance on incidents such as these.

I make no apology for the club's firm policy on player behaviour,” Edwards said in an Eels statement.

“When a player signs with Parramatta, they acknowledge the high standards of behaviour expected. Our players need to be committed to the club, their teammates, our members and supporters.

“As a club we will continue to strive for excellence and foster a culture of respect, inclusiveness and teamwork.”

Anderson, who was interviewed on Channel Nine, believes that the club showed favoritism towards Maitua, given his seniority at the club.

“I thought he was about to deck me … so I stood back and hit him first and that's what happened. And then he was out cold on the ground,” said Anderson.

“It's an NRL player's word against an under 20s player's word. Straight up they're going to pick the NRL player aren't they?”


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