Latvian rugby league on the rise as Scottish officials visit to observe AGM and development

The RLEF are always keen and intent to see rugby league around the world flourishing, and as part of their European Commission-backed Governance Foundation project, Scottish rugby league official Mark Senter recently visited Latvia to observe rugby league in the country.

Senter was there specifically, to observe the Latvian rugby league AGM, their overall development of the game in the country and to conduct some formal technical lessons.

Senter was thrilled at the experience given to him, and is encouraged by Latvian rugby league and its potential to grow.

“My visit to Latvia was a very enjoyable and humbling experience,” said Senter.

“Latvia Rugby League is very driven to succeed and is working very hard to promote and grow the game in Latvia. Scotland Rugby League will look to further support Latvia Rugby League in whatever way possible to help them grow and become more sustainable.”

With a total of four clubs present at the AGM, Latvian rugby league will receive an additional boost, with plans to expand their partnership with Scottish rugby league via coach exchanges with Cumbernauld College in Glasgow.

That, coupled with the visit of Scottish students to Latvia to observe rugby league development, is sure to see the growth of the sport continue in the country.

Vilmars Sokolovs, the General Manager of the Latvian Rugby League, sees the visit of Senter to the region as a beneficial one, with optimism sky-high for the future.

“I am very pleased to participate in this project,” Sokolovs.

It helps LRL develop rugby league in Latvia. Mark's visit and the knowledge and practices that we got from his sessions will give our coaches and players even more enthusiasm to work on improving Latvian rugby league standards. We face the future with optimism, and with SRL and RLEF support, hope to make our efforts more efficient. Next year, due to our participation in the Governance project and college exchange programs [with Scotland], we expect to run the most exciting league season in Latvia ever.”