A late field-goal gives Warriors a nail-biting win over the Titans

Shaun Johnson

It was a bit of a rollercoaster game for both sides but it was the New Zealand Warriors who held on, as they withstood a late fightback by the Gold Coast Titans to win by just a single point, the difference being a Shaun Johnson field goal.

Recording just their 2nd victory of the season, the 25-24 win was a nail-biter and one the Warriors very nearly lost as they allowed a spirited Titans side back into the game.

For Warriors coach Matthew Elliott, he was just pleased that the players finally managed to record a win.

“I’m just really, really happy for the players,” said Elliott.

“You’re not going to get a lot of talk from me about execution today, I’m just really excited for the players that they get the opportunity to win.”

“Again, the effort was there and they get the opportunity of the nice feeling of being rewarded for it.”

The Warriors, who have fought valiantly in past games but were not rewarded with the two points they so desperately needed, were pleased to finally get the win after what was as tough last month to deal with.

“It’s been a challenging month but a month where effort certainly hasn’t been an issue for us,” said Elliott.

“There’s obviously some things that we’re going to do better but we are going to savour this victory.

For the Titans, it was a bit like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde this afternoon, as the Warriors were all over them early on, before they switched on in the second half on the back of tremendous performances from Jamal Idris and Dave Taylor on the fringes.

For Titans coach John Cartwright, whilst he knows that the way his side have been playing has been somewhat inconsistent, he could not fault the effort of his players and praised the way they dug in to almost steal a victoty.

“It’s been a bit like the way we’ve been playing the last month, a little bit patchy, but they didn’t give up right until the end, which as a coach, you admire the sides that do that,” said Cartwright.

“I’m probably disappointed because I know what they’re capable of. The competition is getting congested and there’s pressure on every week and there was pressure on that game today.

At one point, the game might have just gotten away from the Titans and Cartwright knows it.

“I felt we let the game get away or cost ourselves a chance, it was in our hands and the ill-discipline just before half-time was a big turning point.”

3. Shaun Johnson
2. Jamal Idris
1. Simon Mannering

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