First ever clash between Germany and Holland produces fantastic game

The weather in the lead-up to the clash was far from ideal but that was not about to stop a fantastic occasion for international rugby league, with Holland and Germany taking on each other for the first time in history.

Played over the Independence Day weekend in Holland, it was a young German outfit that came out on top on the back of a Georg Frey hat-trick, as they defeated the Dutch side 28-22 in an entertaining contest.

What did not go in the favour of the Dutch side, was a slew of late withdrawals due to injury, though despite that, they put in a spirited effort to come so close to victory – with players and officials from both sides applauding the game and hoping it becomes a regular thing.

Frey, who plays for the Baden Pirates, enjoyed the contest between the two sides.

“It was a very exciting and competitive game – I really enjoyed it,” said Frey.

Uwe Jansen, who is the Vice President of Rugby League Deutschland says the plan is to make it an annual tradition, a game that will be played for the Griffin Cup.

“We hope to make this game an annual tradition. We will visit the Netherlands next year, and defend the trophy the Netherlands team brought with them, called the Griffin Cup,” said Jansen.

Despite their injuries early on and fatigue setting in with no reserves, Dutch coach Jason Bruygoms was proud of his side’s effort.

“I am very proud of the team for the big effort they made in the last few weeks. Fatigue and having no more reserves took their toll but we are still all smiles. It was a great day,” said Bruygoms.

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