Possible Papua New Guinea team in the QLD Cup is one step closer to eventuating

With a potential opening for a new side to come in, Queensland representatives made the trek to Papua New Guinea on a scouting mission to discuss the possible inclusion of a PNG side into the 2014 Intrust Super Cup or QLD Cup.

QLD trio Rick Green (Queensland Rugby League Board Member), Jamie O'Connor (General Manager of Competitions) and Brock Schaefer (Northern Pride CEO) made the trek, with the visit organised by the PNG Rugby League Foundation.

With ongoing discussions held during the visit and prior ones with the ARLC, the PNG side put forth their claims for admission into the state-wide competition, with PNG RL Foundation CEO Brad Tassell highlighting just how important this visit was.

“It has been a long ongoing process and we have had continual close contact with the Queensland Rugby League and more recently the ARLC about inclusion into the 2014 competition,” said Tassell.

“We have a very strong case for admission, however the visit was to address concerns related to expansion of the competition and entry of a national team for PNG into it.

The visit has enabled them to see first hand the passion of the people and the commitment from the corporate sector and Government in ensuring entry would be a complete success. We believe both the QRL and PNG will benefit from entry into the Intrust Super Cup.

For us, it’s about exposing PNG players to a higher level of competition week in week out and having a platform for our players to the NRL competition.

With the strong junior program already in place, an Intrust Super

Cup team is the next logical step in further developing Rugby League in PNG and providing a pathway for the youth of the nation. We are 100% committed to the program and appreciate the visit from the QRL.”

With reviews being undertaken in regards to the next step for expansion in Australian rugby league, Green said that his and the others visit to the area was a positive one for PNG's chances.

“The visit demonstrates we are serious about considering entry of a PNG team into the Intrust Super Cup,” said Green.

“There are a lot of positives to be gained, but as most of the board and clubs have never been to PNG, we had to see first hand what Rugby League means to the country and allay in our minds any concerns we had.

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the professionalism shown by the Foundation. We were able to talk to sponsors, the Minister for Sport Justin Tkatchenko, Chairman of the Foundation Governor Powes Parkop and the PNGRFL board and were impressed by what is happening in rugby league in PNG and that certainly is a big plus for PNG’s chances.

We all really enjoyed the match between the Isapeas and Mioks yesterday and everyone has made us feel very welcome, and we feel privileged to have been provided the opportunity to come to PNG.

We now have a very clear indication in our minds about PNG and the future of Rugby League in PNG, and will be able to relay that to the full QRL board and club CEOS.

The visit and the report on the review of the 2nd tier competition will give us a clearer picture on our two (2) questions – expansion and where we should expand to for the benefit of and to strengthen what we know is a fantastic competition.”


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  1. You can say that again.
    It’d be really good to see the best of PNG RL in the QLD Cup, in order to gain international awareness for their game.

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