Huddersfield get revenge over Bradford with a convincing performance

Larne Patrick

Having suffered a 43-18 loss to the Bradford Bulls back in March, the Huddersfield Giants were out to make amends and they came bursting out of the blocks, as they crushed the Bulls 42-6 overnight.

It was something that played on the minds of the Giants players, with coach Paul Anderson saying that they owed Bradford one and for the most part, he was pleased with his side's performance.

“I would be lying if I said I hadn't told the players that we owed them one,” said former Bulls prop Anderson.

“If you were going to describe our performance you would call it workmanlike.

“We didn't take as many opportunities as we could have done. Because of the occasion, with all the fans singing and what not, everyone wants to throw the ball around and we were guilty of that a bit.

“But when we decided to be direct, we created havoc. We are trying to do two different things; either go through them or round them.

“This group are Payday Loan working their socks off but sometimes we rob our game of energy. Because we are not coming up with endings to our sets other than scoring, we're going set-for-set when we need to have four or five at their end of the field.

“That's the mindset we need to get.”

With Jamie Foster forced to fill in at fullback, Bradford coach Francis Cummins had no intention of heaping blame on him.

“It is a tough position, full back, and it was going to be hard for him,” said Cummins.

“He doesn't really know the role but I didn't have a choice because of the injuries we have. I had no choice, but full back wasn't where we lost the game.”

Having lost two players to injury on Saturday hurt the club, but Cummins was not using that as an excuse.

“We always seemed to have one man not playing to the system, forgetting his own job,” he said.

“It was a bad day for us and they were the better team.”