Powell delivers damning assessment despite Castleford’s draw with London

Craig Gower

He watched his side salvage a draw late on to bring the final score to 30-all against the London Broncos, but Castleford Tigers coach Daryl Powell painted a very different picture post-game, saying his side's performance was just not good enough.

Powell even believed that it was a point his side did not deserve, disappointed with the majority of his side's performance.

“We're not the sort of team who can come up with an outstanding performance from one week to the next,” said the Castleford coach.

“It thought it was poor from the start to nearly the finish. We had some good bits in there but we're just not tough enough. We have a really long way to go and I thought we were poor and got a point we didn't deserve.

“We are delighted to have got a point but it feels like a loss. London HGH will feel hard done by and it's justified because we didn't play well enough to earn that point.”

For his opposite number in Tony Rea, the Broncos coach had every reason to be livid at giving up those points to concede a draw, but Rea is just happy that a tough week is over.

“It's been a real muck-in week here and we just had to get through to the end of it,” he said.

“We have had a really progressive week and I am confident there are some good times ahead for this group.

“I was delighted with our effort and we were fantastic all the way through. I don't think anyone can say we were ever safe in that game and we always had to work hard.

“Castleford have quality players who came up with some quality plays.”