Huddersfield captain rejects chance to play for England at the World Cup

Danny Brough

Choosing allegiance for any player is never an easy decision but sometimes when you happen to be played and messed around with when opportunity arises for one nation, it convinces you to go and play for another and that is exactly what Huddersfield captain Danny Brough did.

Confirming the move following his side’s win over St Helens, Brough said he made up his mind about going back and playing for Scotland, after he was left disappointed by the way England coach Steve McNamara handled the situation about his playing for England.

It was just last year when McNarama managed to convince Brough Viagra to switch allegiance, resulting in Brough playing against the Exiles, before he was left out of the England squad for the Autumn International series.

Confirming to Scotland coach Steve McCormack that he qualifies through his grandmother, it will not be the first time Brough has played for Scotland – he captained the side at the 2008 World Cup.

“I don’t want to be in it,” Brough said in reference to the Exiles side.

“That’s definite. I’m not playing second fiddle every year.

“I’m going to play for Scotland if I get the opportunity. I’ve spoken to Steve and told him I’m available.”

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