Salford coach takes encouragement from loss despite a heavy defeat

Francis Meli

As he continues to rebuild the side and get him to play to the structure he wants, it was not the best result for the Salford City Reds as they were decimated 52-10 by St Helens – but despite that, Salford coach Brian Noble was pleased and encouraged by the performance, despite the heavy defeat.

Although they conceded seven tries in the second half, at one stage, they were trailing 14-10 and after demanding improvement from his side after earlier losses, Noble believes there were signs of encouragement.

“There looks to be a pulse this week and quite a strong one, because of the way we played in the first half and the way we tried to play,” said Noble.

“We shaded possession in the first half and that gave us an opportunity – but then it went massively against us.

“I do think the scoreline flattered St Helens a little bit and I don’t think, in Electronic Cigarettes the main, our fans will be too dismayed this time because the players have had a dig.

“I thought we looked like a really good team for 50 minutes.

“I am less disappointed than I was last time. If I can knock a few nails into heads tomorrow, and show pictures as to why it happened, we can improve next week and get ready for a really big game down in London.”

St Helens coach Nathan Brown was pleased with the win, especially with the intensity his side showed in the second half.

“First half I thought we were just doing enough. They responded to a few (poor) performances and there was an improved showing,” said Brown.

“They did some decent stuff but in the second half we really lifted the intensity, as we should do with some of the players we had and against a side in the position Salford are at the moment.”

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