Fijian locals set to enjoy improved television coverage of rugby league

We all know that the Fijians love their rugby league and are passionate about everything to do with the game, so they are set to receive an additional boost, with the Fijian National Rugby League (FNRL) and FBC TV agreeing to a 2-year partnership that will show both live and delayed coverage of games of the local competition.

With the opportunity now in place to promote the sport of rugby league locally in a bigger extent, FBC Sales and Marketing Director Morika Hunter sees it as something that can develop into bigger and better things in the future.

“We truly see this as something that we want to really develop in Fiji,” she said.

“We really want to see more schools and we’d love to see more scouts from overseas to see our talents.”

Also in favour of it all, as one would expect, is FNRL General Manager Tomi Finau, who is excited to extend their partnership with FBC to TV and not just Cialis Online radio.

“We have been partners with Bula FM for the past 10 years now and this move today is a historic one, as this is the first time we are partnering with a television company,” he said.

“It’s also timely because we are almost halfway in our preparations for the World Cup and it would surely be a boost to us.”

With the new deal in place, it will allow fans of rugby league across the country to watch the emerging talent coming through in the Island nation.

“Through this partnership, we’d be able to have some local content on free to air TV, for those at home, those in the villages, in the rural areas, rugby league local matches on TV for entertainment but also to promote our players locally and internationally.

“We know there are a lot of people who are not able to come down to the grounds to watch the game, so this would take the games to your homes.”

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