Resiliency the key as Warriors shock the Storm

Thomas Leuluai

It was an uphill battle from the start but the spirit, resolve and resiliency got the New Zealand Warriors over the line, as they defeated the Melbourne Storm at home 30-22.

It was a nervous game for the Warriors the entire way, however, as the Storm pulled back to get the score to within 2 at one stage, with captain Simon Mannering admitting that his side faced a very tough battle.

“We still knew we were in a tough battle,” he said.

“They came out firing after half-time and we didn’t quite stick with them, but I’m proud of the guys to hang in there and finish strongly.”

With the Storm’s right edge of Maurice Blair and Justin O’Neill causing trouble Cialis Online for the Warriors defence, the game itself was patchy in the eyes of their skipper, Cam Smith, an area they have to improve on.

“Every time we seemed to give ourselves an opportunity down their end, we just dropped it with some simple errors and we really didn’t build any pressure,” he said.

“The effort was there, but sometimes effort is not enough. The execution needs to be there and today it wasn’t.”

Despite that, Smith was just as willing to praise the Warriors for their efforts and their completion rate.

“You can’t take anything away from the Warriors,” he said.

“They were very good today. I think they deserved to win.”

3. Thomas Leuluai
2. Simon Mannering
1. Konrad Hurrell

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