Broncos and Knights play out entertaining draw

Corey Parker

Usually, draws are uncommon in the NRL given that one team tends to score points via some means – but on a few rare occasions, when neither side is able to break the deadlock, we get a draw.

Tonight, at Hunter Stadium, the Brisbane Broncos and the Newcastle Knights played out an entertaining 18-all draw that had ups, downs, missed field goals and missed opportunities.

In a frantic final 10 minutes of extra-time, there were at least 7 missed field goal attempts – some closer than others – with a late Knights fightback the reason as to why the game went the extra distance to begin with.

Trailing 18-10 and in need of some inspiration, a late Knights surge saw them level things up at 18-10 and with a conversion attempt to potentially win the game, it was one that Craig Gower may want to put behind him, having shanked it.

The draw sees the Knights clinging – only barely – to eighth spot, but coach Wayne Bennett will claim the moral victory in this one.

“As far as I’m concerned, in the position that we’re in, it’s as good as a win,” Bennett said.

“I’ve got no mixed emotions about that. They did what you want your football team to do – not give up, keep at it.”

With first-choice goal-kicker Tyrone Roberts on the bench, Bennett had no regrets about it.

“I’ve got no regrets about that,” Bennett said.

“We had a game to win and you’ve got two interchange players and you’ve got to try and get in your head what’s going to work for you.

“I could see them working their hearts out and I was just trying to help a little bit and get them to where they can.

“That’s what you’ve mens sexual experiences with volume pills got to do as a coach.”

Whilst the draw keeps the Broncos stuttering hopes of a finals opportunity alive, a win would have been better – however, they do have four games still to come at home, a factor that may work in their favour.

With the slim chance of making the finals still alive, Broncos captain Sam Thaiday chose to look at the glass from a half-full perspective.

“We’re not doing too many sums at the moment. We’re just trying to play some tough footy,” said Broncos skipper Sam Thaiday.

“I think that’s a bit of money in the bank there. We’re going home now. I am looking forward to getting back on Suncorp Stadium and playing some good footy. We’re coming.

Coach Anthony Griffin took the same approach, believing that a tough away win in Townsville and now this draw in Newcastle, puts them in good stead moving forward.

“I was very proud of their efforts,” Griffin said.

“They showed a tremendous amount of character. That second half we couldn’t get any ball or field position.

“It doesn’t feel like a loss. There was a lot of positives to come out of it.”

Bennett, who we all know is no fan of the golden point rule, hopes that in future, games are not decided by an extra 10 minutes.

“At the end of the night, we both walked away with one point each and the fans have got to go home with one point each and we all get on with life,” he said.

“And for the life of me, I can’t see why the game didn’t stop at 80 minutes. I hope in the future we get to that point.”

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