Russia win European Shield in unusual circumstances

They were expecting a strong game from the German RL side but it never came, as the Russian RL side were awarded the 2012/13 European Shield, after the Germans had to forfeit because some of their players failed to apply for visas in time and were ineligible to play.

Although the Bears – the Russian side – were the favourites, it was an unusual way to win the Shield, with the Germans now relegated to the European Bowl competition.

In light of the incident, the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) will review the German RL operations, as Benedikt Rehm, the newly appointed President of Rugby League Deutschland had these comments.

“Due to the fact that a number of German players were not able to get their visa issues sorted in time, and as four players’ passports were delayed by a courier on the way to the consulate in Berlin, Rugby League Deutschland has been forced to cancel the game against the Russians,” said Rehm.

“On behalf of RL Deutschland, I’m extremely sorry that we were not able to arrange everything in time and make the game happen. Having learned from our mistakes, we will restructure RLD for 2014 to ensure that situations like this do not happen again.

“I want to express our disappointment especially to the Russian Rugby League, which I know has put in a lot of effort towards hosting prosolution volume pills us,” he added.

Danny Kazandjian, the RLEF General Manager, says it was an unfortunate way to end the competition, though the decision had to be made as the German side did not meet the required obligations.

“This is an extremely unfortunate – and avoidable – situation and I particularly regret that the ARLK has been denied the opportunity to play a valuable home game, with the potential to receive the Shield in front of their loyal home supporters.

“It is certainly not the way anyone wanted what has been on the whole a thoroughly successful two-year tournament to end.

“For the first time in the competition’s history, the RLEF provided specific pre-match funding and unfortunately, RL Deutschland was unable to meet its obligations to the competition and its fellow participants.

Despite the incident, however, Kazandjian says the RLEF plan to work with the RLD to ensure that the organisation reaches the potential they know it is capable of.

“The RLEF has been reviewing RL Deutschland for several months and we will work closely with Bene Rehm and the association’s leaders to ensure that the organisation begins to meet its potential.

“I congratulate Edgard Taturyan, the president of the ARLK, national team coach Eduard Ososkov, his captain Alex Lysokon and their squad for what has been a very successful two years for Russia, culminating in a worthy triumph in the European Shield.”

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