Giants pressed all the way by London but Anderson left happy with the two points

Dale Ferguson

Although he admits that his side was scrappy, he will take the two points, as the Huddersfield Giants were pushed all the way by a spirited London Broncos side.

Leading 18-0 at one stage, the Giants were in control, before the Broncos rallied back to make a fist of it, as the Giants eventually took the game out 26-12.

The win means that the Giants need a victory over the Wakefield Wildcats on September 1, to win the League Leaders Shield.

“The main aim coming down here was to come and get two points and it’s mission accomplished,” said Anderson.

“I thought London caused us a hell of a lot of problems both offensively and defensively and they forced us to play. I thought patience, pure determination and hard work got us the win in the end. It was a scrappy game.

“I thought we just did enough personally. We have a break now, but we have to improve. Two points is two points isn’t it VigRX? It doesn’t matter how you earn them. It think what was credit to the group is that they stuck together.”

Although it was their eighth defeat in a row, Broncos coach Tony Rea was pleased with the effort his side showed and knows that the Giants were the better side.

“It was a really good effort there by them. We were playing against a very good side, they were just so hard to get through,” said Rea.

“They are a good strong side, they haven’t fluked their way to the top, they are up there for a reason.

“You usually get there by defending well and they did that. We tried things but we just couldn’t get there. But it didn’t break us, we just tried to find the right to get into the game.

“We just had no bench left in the second half, we were down to empty. I was a bit disappointed with the last try, we could have kept that one out.”

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