Warriors win a nail-biter as Titans left irate by a late no-call

Konrad Hurrell

Whilst it was the New Zealand Warriors that prevailed and won the game, it was the Gold Coast Titans who were doing all the talking, as they were left disappointed by a no-call towards the end of the game that may have altered the course of the game.

In a decision that could damage the Titans hopes of making the finals, coach John Cartwright was left fuming and was not about to hide his frustrations.

“It’s blatantly obvious,” Cartwright told reporters.

“They’ve made a rod for their own backs with the subjective penalties they give.

“That’s there for everyone to see. The blatant sliding in with the legs while the guy’s going in for the try is a penalty. It’s not only a penalty – it goes on report.

“It’s hard to put into words what I’m feeling, to be honest.”

On the back of three online blackjack losses, the win was a vital one for the Warriors and they got it, on the back of the Hurrellicane steaming through, with the Warriors just holding on to win 24-22.

Trailing at one stage, it was a veteran and a young bull in Ropati and Hurrell that stood up, with coach Matt Elliott pleased that his side managed to get the win despite the tense finish.

“We probably shouldn’t have been in that situation, to be fair,” Elliott said about the dramatic finish.

“Essentially, I was pretty proud of the boys’ effort the whole game. We just could have handled and managed that last 10 minutes a little bit better.”

To compound the loss for the Titans, Mark Minichiello (eye socket), Jamie Dowling (hip) and Ash Harrison (broken hand) are all carrying significant injury concerns.

3. Konrad Hurrell
2. Ryan James
1. Jerome Ropati

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