Eels announce new major sponsor

It was a taxing process and one that is now complete, one that ensures the Eels have financial backing of a major nature, with Dyldam signing on as the club’s official major sponsor for the next three seasons.

Dyldam, who have been a corporate sponsor and partner for the Eels since 1998, have been around since 1969 and are well known for their iconic developments in Western Sydney during that time.

For the Eels, who have had a tough time on and off the field over the past few seasons, with coaching changes, player changes and inconsistency, the news of a new major sponsor is a much needed boost for the club.

“Today’s a massive show of faith in our club, we’ve got a long term partner that’s going to upgrade and become our major sponsor for the next three seasons, as well as a new partner that’s an international-based company that’s going to join our brand for next year, so it’s massive news for our club,” said Parramatta Eels CEO Scott Seward.

With Dyldam to be major sponsor until the end of 2016, their logo will appear on the sleeve of the jersey and the front of the jersey, as Seward welcomes the next step taken by Dyldam.

“It’s a show of faith [from Dyldam] in both the administration and the board of the club, that we are taking it in the right direction,” he said.

“It’s all about long term, sustainable success and we’re going down that route, it’s a great result for us today.”

Fayad Fayad, the CEO of Dyldam, says he is excited to have taken the partnership between the two organisations to the next level.

“Parramatta and Greater Western Sydney are core areas to our business and are the focus of our growth in the future,” Fayad said.

“Outside of being staunch supporters of the Eels for many years, it makes great sense to us to align our business with the strongest and most recognisable brand in the region, the Parramatta Eels.”

In addition to Dyldam coming on board, Unibet have also joined the Eels as a corporate sponsor for two seasons.

Unibet are well known worldwide and the Eels are the first Australian sporting team to engage in a partnership with the company, who have held successful international partnerships with the likes of the Liverpool Football Club.

Patrik Andersson, the General Manager, said that becoming a corporate sponsor of the Eels points to the company becoming a major player in the Australian sporting landscape.

“The online gaming market is a competitive one in Australia, much like Rugby League, but this partnership with the Parramatta Eels gives us a real edge,” Andersson said.

“We believe in what the Eels are building towards in 2014, and are looking forward to the part we can play in securing the success that this club’s supporters so richly deserve.”

Equally excited to have Unibet on board is Seward, who believes that this is just the start of long-term success for the Eels both on and off the field.

“Today’s announcement represents the faith shown in us from within by Dyldam upgrading to become our major sponsor and also how strongly we are positioned in the marketplace to be able to attract new corporate partners such as UNIBET,” Seward said.

“I hope securing the largest sponsorship deal in this club’s history off the back of 2 wooden spoons instills confidence in our Members and fans in the job this administration and Board are doing right now.”

With some fans expressing concern over having a gambling company on board as a corporate sponsor, Seward said the plan is to be proactive when it comes to problem gambling, hence the new partnership.

“UNIBET is an international partner, and they’ve got programs in place for irregular gaming patterns and problem gambling, and that’s something we happily support, and we’ll play a part in helping them do that here,” said Seward.

“This is one piece of the jigsaw for us, the biggest major sponsorship in the club’s history, which is a massive achievement.”

“We’ve obviously got to get our coach sorted and our general manager of football, and away we go; bring on season 2014!”

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