Former NRL half returns – this time with the Sharks

Daniel Holdsworth

For most NRL players that head to the Super League, they eventually return and in the case of Daniel Holdsworth, it is no different – with the former Canterbury Bulldogs half making a return to the NRL, signing a 1-year deal with the Cronulla Sharks.

With Chad Townsend departing the club, the Sharks needed some additional depth and after a decent stint in the Super League with Hull FC, they found their man and replacement for depth purposes to replace Townsend in Holdsworth.

For Holdsworth, he is just happy to be back in the NRL and looks forward to getting stuck in at Cronulla.

“Really happy, a great club and it’s nice and close to home,” said Holdsworth.

“Just happy to be here and ripping in.”

With Holdsworth seeking a return home to Australia and the NRL, it was one that Hull FC granted and for the experienced half, it was about doing what is best for his family.

“Yeah, it was a bit of a tough one,” said Holdsworth.

“Being in England for four years and I’ve got a wife now, so gone are the days when you just think about yourself.

“I realised that we wanted to stay home and so we made that decision and my manager rang around, and we ended up here.”

Although he has been in England for the past four years, Holdsworth has kept tabs on what is happening in the NRL and so he is well aware of who he will be playing alongside moving forward.

“Yeah, you see a lot of footy over there one of the channels,” said Holdsworth.

“I watched most of the Sharks games, they finished fifth, they were a bit unlucky in the semis, they’ve got a great squad and I’m just happy to be in the mix.”

Although he may not know a lot of the players personally, Holdsworth is acquainted with them as he lives in the area and so he sees the Sharks players out and about at times.

“I haven’t really played with any of them, but I have played against them for a number of years,” said Holdsworth.

“And living local, I always see them around and say G’day.”

Living in the area, travel time is no hassle for Holdsworth and he likes it that way.

“Yeah, it’s perfect,” said Holdsworth.

“Got a house over in North Caringbah as you said and once I get back in there and all sussed, it’s going to be really good.”

His return is one that has him excited and he looks forward to making the most of the opportunities provided by the club.

“Yeah, I’m just really excited,” said Holdsworth.

“Flanno’s given me an opportunity back in the NRL, so I’m just going to rip in over the pre-season and do my best and see what happens.”

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