Hasler signs a new deal to remain as Bulldogs coach

Bulldogs fans adore his work as their head coach and they will get to see it in action for a few more years yet, with the Canterbury Bulldogs announcing that Des Hasler will remain as head coach until the end of the 2017 season.

Des Hasler

Hasler, who is regarded as one of the best coaches in the NRL, often gets the best out of his team and players and he is excited to be able to continue his tenure as Bulldogs head coach.

“We’ve got a tremendous group working here and tremendous staff, and they have just been incredible with all the work they have done and put in,” said Hasler.

“The team’s a pretty exciting one, too. There’s a great mixture of experience and some unbelievable talent and youth coming through.”

“So I think you’re going to see some future stars and emerging talents coming out in the blue and white.”

Hasler, a coach who always thrives and aims for the best and highest accolades for the team, believes this group of players can push hard to win a premiership.

“We really think that within this group, there is a premiership and we’ll be working on that,” said Hasler.

“There’s nothing like the crowd, the fans and the members getting out there behind them.”

“We really need our members and our fans to get out and support the boys.”

The prize in 2014 is a premiership and Hasler is keen for the season to begin.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here at Belmore so far and want to continue working with this staff and group of men, who are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome,” Hasler said.

“The Board has allowed me to run a football program that I believe will get the best results for both the Club and the athletes.

“I have great confidence in the leadership of the Club and I look forward to continuing the Bulldogs’ commitment to success.”

The club have been pleased with the process that Des has made at the club and so the decision was an easy one for the Bulldogs to make.

“It was a seamless process and it was important that we continue the momentum that has been developed with Des and the football program over the last two years,” Chairman Ray Dib said.

Someone else pleased to see Hasler staying with the club is CEO Raelene Castle, who sees Hasler as the right fit for the club.

“Des has brought a level of professionalism and innovation to this Bulldogs that could rival any of the top sporting organisations in the world,” Castle said.

“Des and I have built a relationship built on trust and respect and we’ll continue to work together to achieve the best we can for this Club.

‘We’re pleased to have been able to get this completed before the start of the 2014 season.”

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