New NRL Ad that will get you pumped for the 2014 season

There’s a new #NRL ad out & it’s a ripper. @Foxtel and @FOXNRL, you’ve outdone yourselves. Some big names in it, too.

This is the sort of ad that will get you pumped for the season ahead, if you weren’t already. The sort of ad that will make you proud to be a passionate rugby league fan. The sort of ad that will have you singing along and getting amongst it. The sort of ad that will leave you wanting more. Whether you’re a Dragons fan, a Cowboys fan, a Broncos fan, or an fan of any NRL side, this is the sort of ad we’ve all been waiting for. Put together well, a mix of regular folk like us and NRL personalities and what do you get? One great, great NRL ad. If

If an add like this doesn’t get you pumped and primed for the season, then no ad will. We’ve all seen a lot of NRL ads in our time – some have been major flops, others have been somewhat successful – but one like this, one that has so far received mass acclaim for its simplicity. Well, it deserves all the plaudits it gets for the reasons listed above and for any other that anyone else can think of. Bring on the NRL!

Well done to Foxtel and all involved. It’s a beauty.

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