Experienced forward makes a return to Hull FC

Garreth Carvell

He had a long association with the club previously, enjoyed a few years at other clubs and now, ahead of the 2014 season, Garreth Carvell has rejoined Hull FC on a 1-year deal.

Making 164 appearances from 2001 to 2008 for the club, he could make his return immediate – after being named in the 19-man squad by coach Lee Radford.

For Carvell, although it is a club he knows well, he feels different given the changes at Hull FC.

“It’s totally different from when I was here,” said Carvell.

“Different surroundings, different training venues, but it’s good to see some of the old boys and it really does feel like I’m back home.”

With his return now confirmed, Carvell is pleased to be able to catch up with some of his old team-mates.

“There’s a lot of familiar faces and it just helps you to set in that little bit better,” said Carvell.

“The familiarity just eases you back in a little bit and I can’t wait to be playing with my mates again.”

Although the move is confirmed, it certainly is not the end of the saga, with Carvell’s former club – the Bradford Bulls – to launch legal action.

It comes after what they – Bradford – describe as a breach of contract and they intend to get to the bottom of it, doing what is required.

“This information has come as a great surprise to all of us at the club. We believed that due to Gareth taking wages since last year and the fact that he still now has a club sponsored car we would be able to come to an understanding that would work out for all. We have now been left with no alternative and will now be taking legal action,” a Bradford club statement said.

“A letter was sent to Carvell last week from the club’s HR specialist, ‘Elcons’ explaining that they did not accept his refusal to transfer to Bradford Bulls 2014 Ltd, adding that his playing contract will only allow him to resign if the club is guilty of serious and persistent breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

“We are of the opinion that no such breach has taken place and therefore we assert that he was not entitled to resign from his position as the transfer of his employment in itself does not constitute a serious or persistent breach of the terms and conditions of his agreement.”The letter went on to explain the Agreement which was entered into last year is with “the Club” being referred to as “Bradford Bulls”.

“The change in ownership does not affect this Agreement given that Bradford Bulls remains as the Club.

“The letter finished off by requesting that Carvell return to work/training immediately.

“The club’s board will now turn back to the governing body to request guidance in this matter as well as moving forward with their own legal action.

“The board in no way wants to restrict a player from plying their trade but this and recent situations like this could set an extremely dangerous precedence in regards to player contracts, and if all parties are not made accountable they be viewed as ‘not worth the paper they’re written on’.”

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