Campbell backs rugby league to develop in Sierra Leone

It was not that long ago that Welsh rugby league experts visited the National Olympic Committee to discuss their interest in re-establishing the sport of league in Sierra Leone.

The interest was there as many put their hands up and showed a desire to play the sport. As it stands, Sierra Leone have a total of four teams – 3 in the Western area and one in Makeni.

Magnus Campbell, the National Co-Ordinator is expected to work with Wales Rugby League Development Manager Mark Jones this month, as they organise training courses for coaches, athletes and administration staff that are interested to get involved.

The key for Campbell – if they are to see rugby league grow and develop in the country – is to introduce the game in schools.

“Taking the game to the schools is their main focus,” said Campbell.

In a case like this, optimism is crucial, and Campbell believes that the game of rugby league will grow and develop in Sierra Leone over the next four years.

“Though the sport is on the re-building process, I still have hope that Rugby will excel in Sierra Leone,” said Campbell.

“We will base our interest on Rugby League rather than the Union because the league is the most-played in the world. We are actually aware that the facilities for the sport in the country are not enough but we will manage what we have.”

With time required to learn the game, he urged all of those that are interested to come forth and get involved in the process.

In a further boost for rugby league in the region, Campbell will choose a squad based on the players that come forth to play in a rugby league match against Ghana in a friendly game.

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