American rugby league to come together for a Nines competition

Their problems have been well publicised in the past and the friction between the American National Rugby League (AMNRL) and United States of America Rugby League (USARL) has been well documented, but there appears to be at least some harmony, with the two organisations agreeing to come together to play in a Nines tournament in May.

With the two organisations looking to get all of the politics out of the way and work on a resolution that is for the betterment of rugby league in America, AMNRL President Curtis Cunz says he hopes that both organisations agree to play more cross-over games in future.

“I can’t wait to put the politics aside and see all of the boys I used to go to battle against back in the day and then crack a few beers open afterwards,” he said.

“The AGM re-enforced the democratic and transparent governance of the AMNRL and the shared vision of the member clubs.

“This is going to a great season of rugby league in the AMNRL featuring immense talent.

“Our games will be exceptionally competitive and fans will leave wanting more.”

With the game also constantly growing in the region, another primary aim for Cunz is to help American rugby league receive member status by the RLIF.

In doing so, it will open up a large number of new options and development opportunities for American rugby league and making them a stronger unit as a whole, as well as strengthening their domestic programs.

“We are working hard on several other key initiatives that will be announced as soon as they are finalised that have the AMNRL clubs excited about the future of American rugby league,” Cunz said.

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