New and exciting Punters Club is up and running

A new form of engaging in betting and having fun has emerged, with the Punters Club starting up and fast becoming a popular avenue for a whole range of things to do with betting.

So you thought Supercoach and footy tipping was fun? Punters clubs have always been an awesome way to save some money with your mates, but until now they were a ball-ache to manage. Punt Club was setup to automate the admin process so all you have to worry about is having finding a winner or taking the piss out of a mate who can’t. Our system collects everyone’s money, sends reminders, facilitates the betting, and sends out alerts about who backed what, when. It even lets you easily back a club bet you like, or bag one you don’t. And it’s free. Get amongst it!

New and exciting opportunity to get amongst it all.

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