Raiders momentum continues as they defeat poor Bunnies side

Anthony Milford

The fans are not able to pinpoint what it is and the players cannot seem to find it on the field but for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, season 2014 has not gotten off to the start they wanted, as they found themselves losing yet another game.

This time, it was at the hands of the Canberra Raiders who withstood a late fightback from the Bunnies and held on for a 30-18 win at ANZ Stadium.

It was all guns blazing for the Raiders early on as they raced out to a 22-0 lead before the Bunnies eventually closed the gap to ten points at one stage.

The turning point of the game when Souths had a try disallowed, after it was ruled that Sam Burgess was offside in the lead-up.

Perhaps another point of conjecture – and another turning point if you ask some fans – was a try that was awarded the Raiders, despite centre Matt Allwood appearing to knock on in the process.

It was not all smiles for the Raiders, though, with both Shaun Fensom (elbow) and Joel Edwards (concussion) leaving the field.

Momentum is crucial in the NRL and after Souths had their try disallowed, it gave the Raiders a boost in their spirits.

“Yeah it did [give us a lift], little things like that, it helped us out with the momentum of the game,” White said.

“Everyone talks about momentum and that was probably a crucial part for us. We were lucky we were able to go and score at the other end after that.”

The loss of Fensom will be a big one for Raiders fans in the long-term and with a suspected serious elbow injury suffered by the lock, even White knows just how much of a loss it is.

“We saw that last week when we were without him, he’s one of those blokes that does all that gritty work,” said White.

“Such a big thing you know, what he does for the team – they’re big boots to fill even though they’re only little ones he wears!”

For Souths, it was error after error at inopportune times and it ultimately cost them the game.

Far from the Souths side fans are accustomed to seeing, their form is not great at the moment but if you ask coach Michael Maguire, he believes their confidence can and will return.

“Bits and pieces of both [last week and this week] is definitely not Souths’ way and we need to find the Souths way again, because it’s there and I’ve got the same group of people that understand that,” Maguire said.

Hoping that the poor form would be no more, it was not to be, as Souths error-riddled ways shone through again and it left Maguire rather disappointed.

“As a group we just need to continue on towards making things work for us. They’re training well but we have to transfer that out to the park and if you don’t hang onto the ball it becomes a tough game,” he said.

“We just gave Canberra too much, put too much pressure on ourselves and it becomes a tough game of footy and that’s not our game.

“We have to stick at the things that we know work. They are doing that and it’s going to swing, we just need to find how it does swing for us.”

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2. Glen Buttriss
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