Widnes’ re-signing spree continues

Paddy Flynn

On the back of a solid signing and re-signing spree for this year and next, the Widnes Vikings have given winger Paddy Flynn a new two-year contract.

Since joining the club in 2008, Flynn has scored 66 tries in 119 appearances for the club and played for Championship side Workington under the dual-registration rule.

For Flynn, the time he spent at Workington helped mold him into the player he is today and the hard work is now paying off.

“I think sometimes you have to face adversity to realise what your true potential is,” said Flynn.

“I look back at the decision to send me to Workington last year and there’s no doubt in my mind that it has done me some good.

“It taught me a lot about myself and spurred me on to work harder and it’s proven that if you do the hard work then it does pay off.”

As for the club, whilst they are pleased with the efforts of Flynn over the past few years, they know there is even more to come from him moving forward.

“The reason you keep someone like Paddy is quite simple as his progression out the Championship to playing Super League for the last few years has been impressive and there’s so much more to come from him on the Vikings wing,” said Widnes head coach, Denis Betts.

“He’s got a better understanding about himself and his position. He now knows about the work that is needed to maintain the levels of performance that’s required for Super League.

“He’s a great kid to have around the place, he’s been on a long journey with us and he’s worked hard to be here. There’s been a lot of expectation on Paddy’s shoulders and there’s a lot of quality in him.”

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