First ever rugby league side to be formed in Madrid

Expansion for a budding rugby league nation is always a huge boost and for the Spanish, they take great pride in the opportunity to promote and expand the game within their country.

That is taking place, with the establishment of the first ever Spanish rugby league side from Madrid to be formed.

Griffons RL Madrid is the first club based out of the capital, with the Spanish Association of Rugby League making the announcement.

The side will be run by the AERL, with the eventual plan to create more sides in the region to rival groups in the Valencia/Alicante region.

Madrid’s work to house a rugby league side has not gone unnoticed, with AERL President Salome Sansano praising their effort to get the approval for a team.

“Madrid has a great working group with people who love our sport and this is terrific news, they have been working hard in recent months to establish Griffons,” said Sansano.

A further AERL employee, delegate Rodrigo Molina, says the introduction of a team in Madrid was the first goal of many.

“We have managed to advance one of our first goals,” said Molina.

“Now we aim to play the first game of rugby league in Madrid, to build a regional competition and get up the level of our players for selection to the Spanish national side.”

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